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Happy Summer Blessings and Joy!

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Creative Dowsing and Affordable Flutes
High Antioxidant Raw Cacao and Acai Berry


Attain and Maintain Healthy Skin Naturally
"Build a Circle for Natural Healthy Skin from the inside out ... and the outside in!"

Does your skin offer the protection you need?

Our skin is our body's largest organ ...
... our first defense against harmful bacteria ...
... how does your skin rate in protecting you
DISCOVER natural secrets for healthy skin care...

ENHANCE your opportunities for total wellness...

ADVENTURE daily into the wonders of nature...

RECEIVE gifts of Youth and Vitality...

APPLY your knowledge...

CREATE healthy habits which are "natural like us."
NEW 2-ounce jar NOW AVAILABLE all-natural EGYPTIAN MAGIC Skin and Hair Cream daily as natural skin care maintenance for the entire family and pets too!

Natural healthy skin and body care begin from within us and radiate outward. It's important for us, young and old alike, to discover our best path to natural health. Thank you for letting us share our natural ways.
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Men's Skin Care
Pregnancy Skin Care
Diabetic Skin Care
Sensitive Skin Care
Athletes Skin Care
Baby Skin Care
Body Builder Skin Care
Pet Natural Skin Care
Take this Simple Skin Test to determine your skin's health.

Is your skin smooth, moist, and radiant?

____ YES, Congratulations! Use EGYPTIAN MAGIC All-Natural Skin Cream to keep skin glowing and healthy.

____ NO. Hope is here with EGYPTIAN MAGIC Professional Skin Cream with a magical touch.

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Healthy Dark Chocolate
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The Five Reasons ... do you know why?


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Only $269.00
Grab-n-Go two Sizes: 40-day (or 14-DAY)Food Supply Certified Organic, Non-GMO Emergency Survival Preparedness

Organic Silver-Infused Soap with * Natural Lavender * OR * Exfoliating Oatmeal Spice *
Only $12.95
Cleanses Skin and Kills Bacteria - especially blemish-causing bacteria

Council Fire Herbal Smoke Mix 2 oz. Loose Blend for Pipe or Rolled Cigarettes
Only $11.00
DOES NOT CONTAIN TOBACCO - Tobacco Alternative

Pep-R-Mint (Peppermint) Power Pure Energy 5.5 oz. jar 2 Varieties
Only $15.00
5.5-oz container Fructose OR Dextrose: Made in USA

Xe Energy Drink by Xocai, all-natural healthy 8.4 fl. oz. can; 24-pack
Only $96.00
$4 per can shipped to your door!

X Protein High-Antioxidant Shake Meal Replacement Low Glycemic
Only $96.00
Superior Protein Source Suitable for Vegetarians High Fiber

Organic Silver Lozenge pH-Balanced Nano Structured Silver 30 ppm
Only $59.95
On SALE for only $49.95
Organic Throat & Mouth Lozenges - Available in Bulk 100 pieces; poly bag of 5, 10, or 25 pieces

Structured Silver Hydrosol Gel 30 ppm with Aloe, OR 35 ppm Extra-Strength Plain 3.38-ounce (100 ml) Easy-pump
Only $29.95
On SALE for only $25.00
pH-balanced 30 ppm Silver hydrosol with Aloe Gel battles pathogens such as bacteria, virus, mold, fungi including MRSA and malaria

Silver Hydrosol Liquid pH balanced 30 ppm by My Doctor Suggests
Only $39.95
the next generation in silver supplement technology to battle pathogens: virus, bacteria, fungi and mold

NutriCafe Immune-Support 100% Certified Organic Coffee 12 oz. Bag Whole Bean
Only $12.99
Support A Healthy Immune System with Every Cup! 100% Certified Organic and Fair Trade

Egyptian Magic Multi-Purpose
Skin and Hair Cream 4 oz. $39

Only $39.00
Enjoy a little 'Magic' each day!

Crystal Glass Nail File with Colored Handle 3-pc set
Only $25.00
Never have to purchase another nail file -- these never wear out, laser-etched files.

Glycemic LevelŪ Balancing MRP: Instant Nutritional Shakes
Only $42.97
Blood Sugar Balance * Weight Management * Delicious and Nutritional 3 Flavors
"When the body gets what it needs, it then has the opportunity to address its health challenges."

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